Your Amazing New Interior Starts Here

Your Amazing New Interior Starts Here

Are you building a new home? Are you planning a renovation? or are you looking to decorate your space? Our start to finish service covers all your needs, literally, we’ll take care of everything to give you an interior you’ll love

From the consultation to bringing in the trades to sourcing products to styling them in your space, we take care of all the hard work.

Every client is different, and we’ve worked with a range of different budgets and styles. From high-end kitchens, to hospitality fit-outs, right down to single rooms that need a refresh.

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Kyal and Kara Renovation

How it all Works


The process starts with a free phone consultation to get an idea of how we can help. You then have the option to book an in-home consultation, which lasts up to 60 minutes.


After our meeting, you’ll receive a proposal based on your needs and budget. This includes a cost estimate for your project and the design fees.

If you’re happy with the proposal, we arrange a deposit and get stuck in.

After a short period of time, you’ll be presented with a new design for your space. This varies based on your project, but generally includes, the layout, mood board, samples of benchtops, fabrics, tiles, and paint colours and 3D visualisations to show you want your new home will look like. 


Once you approve the design of your new space, we’ll move onto bringing in the builder and other trades if needed. However, if we’re helping you with decorating, we’ll begin ordering and arranging delivery of your new lounge, dining table, bed, or window furnishings.


This is the finishing touch. Once all of your new items are paid for and delivered to your home, we’ll style up a storm and potentially photograph the space.

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom

What Makes us Different

Our mission is to be your advocate and to help you not only learn what you want, but also what they need. When we work together, we’ll help you navigate the world of building and renovating to achieve cohesive and beautiful results.

Our core values are quality, trust, passion, and commitment.

native flowers in a vase. Styled by One x One Interiors
Stockman’s Ridge Cellar Door

We’re not here to push our style on you. We want to discover what genuinely gets you excited and have your home reach its full potential.

We are also fully transparent on costs and our fees and that includes giving you access to our trade networks. From furniture suppliers, to window furnishings, to trades. We don’t pretend to be experts at everything, but we do work with them.

Our Fees

  • Phone consultation: Free
  • In-home consultation: $200
  • Hourly Design Fee: $90

Areas We Service

We are based in Orange, but work though-out the Central West and NSW.

Keep in mind travel fees may apply, but we can discuss this with you during our initial phone call.

What’s a Realistic Timeframe?

Your timeframe really depends on how complex your project is. We can design your space in a period of 4-6 weeks. Then there are the trades, which can add several months to a project. The other consideration is furniture suppliers, many suppliers do have stock on demand, but on occasion have a lead time of 4-12 weeks.

What’s a Realistic Budget?

That’s the million dollar question. As there are so many variables to consider, there’s really not a one size fits all. For example, it can even come down to the style you’d like to achieve, as some styles call for more expensive products.

Also, consider the size of the room. Larger kitchens are always going to need a larger investment than a smaller one. 

Contact us for a consultation and we can give you an estimate.

One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 2