Week Three: Master Bedroom Reveal. Designer Takes on The Block 2019

Week Three Master Bedroom Reveal. Designer Takes on The Block 2019

Some of you may remember the poll we ran for what style we should design The Block. While contemporary heritage won, dark and moody was also very popular.

I bring you a dark and moody master bedroom. And while this is a different style it still fits within the overall aesthetics of the house. That’s one of the key advantages you get when working with a designer. We can evolve and adapt to various styles.

The wall behind the bed features a monochromatic oversized floral wallpaper. The wall also acts as the divider between the bedroom and walk in robe. The floor plan was designed like this to allow the wir to be accessed from both sides and to allow for the natural light from the double doors to filter in.

Similar to guest bedroom, the colour palette here focuses around navy tones. However, the use of deep saturated colour was brought into this room.

From the dark drapes to the heavy embroidered quilt, to the dark joinery of the wir, walking into this room is like walking into a hug.

Artwork by Melinda Paterson.