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Hi, I’m Christine Ghrayche, an interior designer and the creator of SHS.

The key to confidently creating a home you love is knowing your decorating style. Knowing your style will give you a plan to follow and make decisions much easier.

Keep in mind that discovering your interior design style can also be a lifelong journey. One that evolves as you age. I certainly know my style has evolved from my 20s to my 30s.

Wherever you are on your path, this quiz well help you clarify your current style profile.

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What is Styled Home Society

Styled Home Society is Australia’s first home decor subscription box. I’m Christine Ghrayche, an interior designer based in the beautiful Central West of NSW. 

I created SHS because like you, I love creating beautiful homes but know not everyone can afford to work with a professional such as myself… so Styled Home Society was born.

We have three options for you to choose from, the gift box (it can be a gift for you or if you’re feeling generous a gift for a friend, the seasonal box and the bi-annual box.

The Gift Box, which is a one off, no subscription necessary comes with five to eight treasures. All based on the style you tell us to follow and the value of the items themselves.

The Seasonal Box is our first subscription option and is shipped to your door every three months. Each season you will receive up to twelve items, again based on the value of the items.

Our final option, the Bi-Annual box is shipped to your door every six months. Twice a year you will receive up to twenty items.

PS. If you’re wanting something specific, you can leave a note while checking out