Nuture Yourself with a Beautiful Home

During these stressful times, the one place we should be able to look forward to being nurtured, is our homes. Think about it, it’s the one environment we have control over, so making that space joyful to be can make the world of difference.

There are a number of things you can do in your home to create a nurturing environment, that, good news! Don’t require you to throw all the money at it or even a lot of time and effort. Here are three things you should surround yourself with.

Surround Yourself With…

Items that hold sentimental or emotional value to you. It could be a family heirloom, it could be finger paintings your kids did when they were little… enhanced of course with a beautiful frame. Really anything that helps you connect with your home emotionally, and creates a distraction from our crazy world.

Surround Yourself With…

A collection of items that bring you joy, even if others laugh, or see them as insignificant. I adore books and art, my dirty little secret is my walk-in-robe is full of paintings and prints because I just don’t have enough wall space. But, its not hoarders level, thank god, they make me feel good, and they look good. Whatever that item is for you, gather them together and display them so you can enjoy them daily.

Surround Yourself With…

Colour, it’s not a scary word, I promise. Whatever scheme you connect with. It could be a monochrome or bold and daring. Whatever the mood you want to capture in your home, and whatever colours you love, you should live with. After all, it’s only paint.

Once you’ve surrounded yourself with your treasures, its time to Marie Kondo your house! It helps keep your stress levels down when everything is in its place. There are so many cost-effective storage solutions you can pick up either locally or online. Start by decluttering and making sure everything around you has a purpose. Your pretty items should be proudly put on display, while less attractive ones are shunned to the third drawer down.

Create your ideal luxury – whatever that means to you.

Finally create your idea of luxury, whatever that means to you. But, remember, luxury does not have to be defined how much you spend, but by whatever makes your heart sing. Having your own version of luxury in your home makes feel at peace in your own space,

Health and wellness is so important and your home should support you. So, in these uncertain times, it is nice to know that your home can help and be a place that nurtures you.

Featured Images By: Bam Constructions, Bethany Nauert, House Seven.