Let’s Talk About Designing Your Home and What That Does for Your Resale Value


One of the biggest objections I hear from clients is worrying about making changes to their home out of fear of what it will do to the resale value of their home.

And I always ask. “Do you want to enjoy YOUR home, or someone else’s home?”.

Really, if you think about it, that is exactly what you are doing if you are thinking about the design of your home based on whether or not you can sell it down the track.

Feature Image and above by Alexander & Co

Now, while I think the resale value of your home is important and should be considered, it should never lock you into a “safe” look that goes against your own personal style and lifestyle needs.

This is especially true if you plan on living in your home for the next 5+ years. Sure, any major life event could uproot you and your family when you didn’t necessarily plan to. But even then, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your home while you live there?

If you are like me, and your style does not come across as mainstream, there are ways to work around that, so you are living your best life, while still making it appealing to the next buyer.

My opinion. If you are going to spend the money, you might as well enjoy the fruits of your labour.

A Bathroom Has To Have Two Sinks

Sure, it would be nice to have a bathroom big enough to comfortably fit two sinks and still have great storage, but that is not often the case.

Let's Talk About Designing Your Home and What That Does for Your Resale Value_christine ghrayche interiors
Cronulla House by The Stables

Sure, it makes sense that the bathroom would be more functional with two sinks. However, studies show that is not typically the case. Two sinks at one vanity are only practical if you have enough space for it. It is more practical to have countertop space and not sacrifice it for a second sink that is not necessary.

If you have a vanity area that is at least 1500mm, then two sinks can work very well. Anything less than that should just be one sink.

A Bathroom Has To Have A Tub

I get it. I really do. I have young children myself. So, if you have small kids, who can’t bathe themselves, it makes sense to have at least one tub in your home. But if you don’t have little children or you’re an empty nester there is no need to hold on to your tub for resale value. Again, ask yourself if you could be enjoying a more open and spacious shower area, where you can start your day right every morning.

Bathroom by Melissa Lunardon Interior Design

As I said above, designing your home should be based on your lifestyle now, and not for the next buyer. The bathroom is where you start the day. Where you prim and polish yourself to look and feel your best. This is the time to be selfish. Create it for yourself. Make great choices in materials as best as you can in case you do need to sell, but even then, make material choices that you will enjoy looking at every day.

Custom Window Furnishings Are Not Necessary

If you have been around me long enough, you know how I feel about a room without proper window furnishings.

Custom drapes are one of the essential elements that complete the look of a room. I rarely come across a residential space where they weren’t needed. It is absolutely necessary if you want your home to look finished, and they do serve a functional purpose as well.

One x One Interiors Stockman's Ridge Cellar Door Interior Design Orange NSW 2
Stockman’s Ridge Cellar Door by Christine Ghrayche Interiors

Now, they don’t have to be super expensive. There are so many fabric options which can increase or reduce the cost of your curtains or blinds. And you can take them with you if you ever do sell your home.

You Must Paint Your Home In Neutral Colors

Get out. No, you don’t. It is still your home and the colours you like should be put on show. It is what you add to the rest of the room that will matter. Even if you paint your walls red. But please please please, find the right shade of red and decorate around it

This girls bedroom is painted with a black feature wall, and the decorations added creates a feminine vibe. Hands up if you would walk into this room and gag. Very unlikely. This is how colour, while still making it acceptable to other tastes.

Girls Bedroom Interior Design One x One Interiors. Orange NSW 4
Girls Bedroom by Christine Ghrayche Interiors

Wallpaper Is A Bad Idea

Over the past few years, people have really warmed to the idea of wallpaper. I even have clients asking for it now, which is great. But some still think that adding wallpaper to a few rooms in their home will be a problem for resale.

The Oslo by Christine Ghrayche Interiors

Wallpaper is an amazing way to give a room personality and immediately add a luxurious touch. Paint just doesn’t have the same impact. Wallpapers today are not a nightmare to remove, and there is even the peel and stick options.

Feature walls are another way to add colour into your home. But, I will say that you need to be very careful. Don’t just break out the paint tin and slap a colour on a random wall. It needs to make sense in the space. While the rest of the room should look cohesive, and not heavy on one side.

Wall Niches Are A Great Upgrade

I will admit that some wall niches help to make the room great, so clearly those are not the ones I am talking about. But in most cases, wall niches are awkward and downright stupid.

In most cases, I recommend wall niches be removed or not included in your new build. They are not an upgrade and not worth paying extra money for. However, the exception to the rule is shower niches. They are a fabulous idea.

Holding On to Unused Formal Spaces

A lot of people will keep formal areas that they never use simply because that is how the space was defined on the floor plan. When in reality when same spaces could be reworked into a room you could really use.

Brentwood House by Lindsey Brooke Design

And even if it is a desirable feature for a future buyer, you are the one living in the home.

Great examples of unused rooms are formal dining areas. Which in many cases are only used a few times a year if at all. I have seen clients in need of another bedroom or an office space, but and they would not consider converting the formal dining room into a usable room.

The fact is that most of us don’t “formally dine”, and even when we do entertain our family and friends, people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen and more casual dining area.

I understand you being wary but remember. You don’t have to completely gut the room. If your formal dining room is on the large size you can even consider dividing the room to create that extra bedroom. There is always a solution.

Working With a Designer

We can help you convert your spaces seamlessly. To the point where they feel like they were always intended for that purpose.

So, if you are in the process of designing your home and not sure what choices to make, please reach out, my team and I would be happy to help.

Your Amazing New Interior Starts Here

I truly believe that your home should allow you to live your best life. It is the place that you should be excited to come home to, even from vacation. If you love colour, decorate with colour. If you love to be quirky, decorate with quirkiness. It is your home and with some professional guidance from us, you can also ensure that the choices you make will also work for the next guy.