Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019. pastel

2018 design trends were the year of marble, bold flooring and rose gold, and while many will continue, some will be over. I’m looking at you, rose gold.

Now, I’ve never been one to push trends, opting more for longevity and timeless design. But, that doesn’t mean all trends are bad news. So, whether you are renovating your home, buying a new one or simply redecorating a room here’s what you need to know for 2019.

Interior Design Trends 2019: Organic Shapes

Organic shapes can be seen in so many aspects of design from the past. From sinuous sofas with soft bends to statement vases with unique shapes, we’re seeing an outpouring of handcrafted artisan goods.

Interior Design Trends 2019. organic
Sally Flannery Ceramics

The beauty of pieces with organic shapes is the tactile quality. They’re perfectly imperfect, something you’ll rarely find with mass production.

Interior Design Trends 2019: Pastels

Now it’s no surprise to see pastels making a comeback, after all the colour gods, Pantone, named Living Coral as their colour of the year for 2019. Described by Pantone as “sociable and spirited”, this pastel shade of pink offers a fresh way to punctuate navy, pinks and crisp whites.

The good news is, we’re not limited to this one colour in this trend. So, don’t rush out and paint a huge pink wall in your home.

Interior Design Trends 2019. pastel
Custom Front Kitchens UK

Pastels are beautiful hues that soothe and soften. They have also been in the trends for a number of years now, but the difference this year seems to be kitchens. Yes, kitchens. However, if the thought gives you hives, a lemon toaster or eggshell blue kettle can be the perfect pop without investing too much.

Interior Design Trends 2019: Minimalism

This one you probably already know about, and like me, you’ve likely had your newsfeed flooded with Marie Kondo clean outs.

Interior Design Trends 2019. Minimalism
Undercover Bedding

This is another trend that we’ve seen before, so gets the longevity tick. But, it’s not about throwing everything away. Minimalism is all about clean lines and a sense of openness across the whole house, as well as having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Interior Design Trends 2019: Concealed storage

Continuing the trend of clean lines, concealed storage is quickly becoming a must-have in homes, especially kitchens.

Take our Silverdown House for example. Storage was the number one concern for our client, after all, she’s a mum of three boys. One of the clever design solutions we developed was lift-up cabinets on either side of the cooktop. These cabinets were specifically for the family’s everyday items (kettle, toaster, etc) and featured inbuilt power. So, breakfast could be served and the door shut in a few easy steps.

One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 2
Silverdown House

I say, embrace this trend. Even without a large renovation, investing in smart storage can make a huge difference.

Interior Design Trends 2019: Biophilia

It’s an odd term to see in a trends article, but essentially Biophilic design is a way of innovatively designing and incorporating the natural world into the places we live, work and learn.

Interior Design Trends 2019. Biophilia
The Park Royal, Singapore

The biophilia hypothesis also called BET suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Edward O. Wilson introduced and popularized the hypothesis in his book, Biophilia (1984). He defines biophilia as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”.

We’ve seen this trend grow (literally) in leaps and bounds over the years, with people and businesses introducing plants into their décor. And for good reason, plants not only purify our air and absorb sound, but they are also proven to reduce stress. Win-win.