How To Choose a Design Style That Suits You and Your Home Perfectly

How to choose a design style that suits you and your home perfectly 4

You’ve seen stunning homes where the interior design blows you away. The design isn’t always in keeping with the architectural style of the home. But it looks so amazing. How do they do it?

For example. Thoughtfully integrating the details of a Federation, with clean modern lines and sleek sophisticated furnishings is a challenge. But it can be done! And with the right approach can result in an impressive and welcoming home.

How to choose a design style that suits you and your home perfectly 1
A federation house in Sydney, renovated by Studioplusthree.

Don’t let the architecture of your home constrain your interior design style. Make it your own, and be fearless. But plan carefully so the final result is cohesive and intentional. Rather than a mish-mash.

Combining design styles is one of the biggest challenges of interior design. So it’s important to explore with a professional if you want a polished result. I’m always asked how to choose a design style that works in harmony with a home’s structure and stays true to the owners’ personal style. My training as an interior architect provides our clients with a great combination of expertise to draw on.

How to choose a design style that suits you and your home perfectly 3

The first step is asking yourself the right questions. What styles do you love? What do you want to achieve?

Based on my experience, as long as you blend elements thoughtfully, your interior design dreams can be created.


If you own a Victorian-era home with a lot of trim work and detail, but you prefer clean lines, you’re not stuck using intricate patterns and detailed furnishings. First, be decisive about your style. And then carry that out throughout the home.

How to choose a design style that suits you and your home perfectly 2

French Provencal and Scandinavian are great options as they utilize a neutral colour palate, curvilinear lines and subtle tones that work with the architecture, not against it.

Californian Bungalow

Many people love the idea of creating a casual elegant or Hamptons look. But, traditionally, bungalows are dark and pokey.

Easy enough to fix though. Just think about a light, bright, white approach. You can transform the feeling of your space by painting dark interiors white to create a light, airy feeling. Interesting rugs with intricate patterns and textures, solid furniture, white cabinetry and splashes of vibrant colour bring this concept to life.

How to choose a design style that suits you and your home perfectly 4


If you live in a historic home but you tend to gravitate towards contemporary or transitional interior design, I recommend blending the styles with dark woods and contemporary rugs. Together with clean-lined furniture and neutral walls, the result can be gorgeous.

Overall, being sensitive to the blending of existing architectural elements with your desired interior design style will take you far when it comes to creating a cohesive. The last thing you want is something that looks like an accident.

Allow your style to shine throughout your home with key elements that unify your chosen look, such as lighting and accessories.

Living in a home that reflects an interior design style that feels perfect to you, also creates a welcoming and happy space that is enjoyable and inviting for friends and family.

Give us a call if you have questions on how to make this happen.