How Much it Really Costs – Kitchens

When many people start considering a renovation, kitchens are generally at the top of the wishlist; after all they are where we spend much of our time with family and friends. But, how much does a new kitchen cost? Well, a better question to ask might be is ‘what is the range of costs for a new kitchen?’. This is because the range of costs for your new kitchen can differ quite dramatically depending on your finishes. Below, we explore what a budget, mid-range and high-end investment looks like.


Starting at the lower end of the market, budget makeovers range between $10,000 to $25,000 depending on the size of your kitchen. For this investment, you can expect to get basic melamine doors and laminate benchtops.


A mid-range kitchen renovation ranges from $25,000 to $60,000, again depending on size and scale. For this price range, you can expect to get higher quality two-pack doors, timber veneer, and engineered stone bench tops.


High-end kitchen renovations can cost between $60,000 to $200,000 and are where we dive into the more luxurious finishes. These kitchens include finishes such as such as bespoke cabinetry, hardwood doors, Italian tiles, and Carrera marble bench tops.

So, that’s the price range for the surfaces and aesthetics, lets now talk appliances. Like the materials used, appliances range in price from budget electrical appliances to expensive high-end appliances.

For standard appliances, expect to pay around $5,000. Upgrade to high-end appliances such as those that can be integrated into your cabinetry for a clean and seamless look, you can easily spend four times more.

Another consideration for any kitchen renovation is well built cabinetry, and if given the choice, choose better quality hinges, drawers and drawer runners. Whether your kitchen costs $10,000 or $75,000, the quality of construction will make the difference between a kitchen you’ll love to work in and one that’s a nuisance every time you open a drawer or door.

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