Case Study: Silverdown House

One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House

The Client:

Our client, a local business owner and busy mum of three boys, purchased this large family home with her husband, approximately 6 years ago. The aim was to one day renovate, what can only be described as, an unfortunate kitchen.

This house was to become their forever home. So, our client contacted us in April of 2018, with the goal of completing the project by Christmas of that year.

Why? Because they wanted to invest an ample amount of time to have the project done right, without the stresses of a tight deadline… in comes Christine.

The House:

Built in 2008, the house was purchased by our client around 2012.

Set on a three-acre block with stunning views and a landscaped garden. The exterior architecture of the house had been built in the style of a country homestead.

However, the kitchen design lacked the same beautiful style created outside. The kitchen also fell short in the amount of storage needed for this family of five.

One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 4
Facade of Silverdown House

The Brief:

Storage, storage, storage.

Now, those weren’t the first words out of our clients’ mouth, but, that was her main priority. As well as having quick access to everyday items and the coffee machine.

In addition to storage, our client being a lover of baking also wanted a large island for prep work and a double oven. The only request from the man of the house was a double dishwasher, much to the horror of our client (we’ll go into more of that later).

Finally, the style requested was one that complimented the property’s exterior features and give the interior that country charm.

Note: during this meeting with clients, we also go through what they are open to doing structurally and budgets. Learn more about Our Process.

The Presentation:

Five weeks later it was time to present the concept, floor plans, elevations and samples to our client.

The Kitchen Design Included:

  • The removal of a wall, making a drastic difference to the level of space we had to work with.
  • The area to be opened, also acted as a section of the hallway. This lead to a mudroom, so it was proposed to install a cavity sliding door.
  • Integrated dishwashers. Thus, hiding the oh-to-much stainless steel they would have brought to the space.
One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 3
Kitchen design floor plans. Before (R) and After (L)

The Storage:

  • A bank of full height cabinets compromising of space for the fridge, oven and pantry storage.
  • Appliance cabinets with internal power. These were placed on either side of the cooktop. The cabinets featured an open up mechanism, allowing everyday items such as the kettle and toaster to be used and then hidden easily.
  • For our clients’ love of cooking, the island was left open. This provided a large prep space. The island also featured two-sided cabinets. Full-sized drawers on the face and shallow cupboard on the rear for rarely used items.
One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 5
Kitchen design 3D rendering

The Style:

  • Keeping in the style of the home, shaker cabinets were used throughout the kitchen.
  • The island, in a contrasting colour, featuring moulded kick boards.
  • And silver details were brought in through hanging pendants and finely detailed handles and knobs.

Bringing in the Trades:

The second-best part to handing over an amazing kitchen, is design approval. That means its tradie time.

Due to an existing relationship, the client opted to choose their builder for the job. So, our role was bringing in the cabinet maker, painter and the engineer.

One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House
Demolition begins

The first port of call was bringing all those involved together to go over the plans, the budget, logistics and deadline. From there quotes were put together, and once approved by our client it was time to get started.


Our deadline was Christmas, handover occurred on December 15th with one very happy client and a compliment that was so special, it made it to our website – “I never thought it could look this good”.

Regarding the double dishwasher, our client didn’t know how she ever lived without them – especially after hosting Christmas with the extended family.

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One x One Interiors. Case Study. Silverdown House 2